Bio-degradable Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

Bio-degradable Darkroast Nespresso compatible pods (40 pack)

Our bio degradable and compostable Nespresso compatible pods are made in house right here in Australia!

Packed: 40 capsules to a bag

Country of origin: Central & South America, Africa, india

Strength: Intensity 12

Tasting notes:

This coffee is a quintessential Italian espresso roasted dark to a Southern Italian recipe. Smooth and strong with complex flavour notes and mouth-watering aroma, this coffee is not for the faint hearted! Expertly roasted and freshly packed in Australia.

This Coffee has been dark roasted to deliver a strong but smooth coffee flavour. With its velvety crema and deep flavours.

This coffee will provide an intense, full-bodied coffee and is ideal as an espresso or the perfect choice for those who love a milkier latte style coffee.